Find the right liners for your water tanks

Water tanks are essential instruments for many homes, farms and industrial sites. They are used to store water for a variety of purposes, including drinking, so finding a liner that keeps your water protected from outside elements alongside general wear and tear is very important. To ensure safety and longevity, your water tank needs to function properly. For that, you should learn about the different types of liners available and how to choose the right liner for your water tank. 

Factors to consider when choosing a water tank liner

  • Purpose — People have water tanks for many reasons. You may look for different things in a liner depending on whether your tank is used for potable water or for waste management. If you need a liner for potable water, for example, you will want one that is legally approved by the American National Standards Institute, meaning that it meets the national standard for a drinking water contact material. Some materials will specify that they are NSF-61 approved.
  • Size — Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes. To make sure a liner is your desired size, look for product specifications or compatibility guides. You can also speak with technical experts who can lead you to the right product for your tank. 
  • Climate — Depending on the climate of your water tank and its surrounding environment, you may want a liner that can endure the temperatures and weathering effects of that particular climate. Liners for water tanks will typically have a clear temperature range, so you should select one that matches your climate for best results.

When picking out a tank liner, considering all of the above factors will help you make an informed decision. 

Find the right water tank liner at Witt Lining Systems

With many customizable options to choose from, our experts can help find a liner that meets all your needs. Whether your tank is large or small, cold or hot, we can reach a solution that works for you.

Contact our team today to learn more about all the flexible drop-in liner options we offer.

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