Concrete tank lining systems: What you need to know

Concrete tanks are often used to store drinking water or wastewater. While concrete may seem durable, concrete tanks can crack over time, especially if the liquids in the tank contain harmful chemicals. Certain chemicals can corrode the concrete and lead to costly cracks and leaks. As a result, using a durable concrete water tank liner can be crucial, as it can effectively seal liquids in the tanks, preventing both concrete damage and contamination. 

Knowing a couple of the key attributes of concrete tank lining systems can help you better understand why investing in one can save you money in the long run. 

2 things you need to know about concrete tank lining systems

Concrete tank lining systems can be made up of a variety of materials and installed in various ways. You should know the following about concrete tank lining systems before purchasing one: 

  • Concrete tank liners prevent concrete corrosion and damage.

    Even if your concrete tanks simply hold water, they can easily crack with age and temperature changes, leading to a frequent need for maintenance. In fact, concrete deterioration is commonly caused by water contaminants and water’s freezing-thawing cycle. Replacing or repairing concrete structures is not always financially practical or possible. Thankfully, concrete liners can separate the water in the tank from the concrete, reducing the likelihood of concrete deterioration over time.
  • Concrete tank liners should be professionally installed.

    Some concrete tank liners involve a complex process of curing the concrete walls before adhering the liners. Sometimes, in order for the liner to adhere completely to the tank wall, the outer layer of concrete needs to be removed by abrasive blasting. Then, the liner can be applied evenly. Other concrete tank liner systems do not require this step and can simply be dropped in.

Our team at Witt Lining Systems is ready to install your concrete tank liners

Concrete tanks can degrade over time; therefore, specialty liners are crucial for the longevity of your tanks. Our team at Witt Lining Systems can customize a liner to the exact size of your tank with minimal prep time. This is because a Witt containment liner isn’t bonded to the concrete, and the concrete does not need to be cured before installation. Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the flexible drop-in liner solutions you need.

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